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CWCT AGM and Members' Meeting 2019

Testing Times

We all have a responsibility for ensuring our fašades perform adequately during their lifetime. The testing of facades and fašade elements plays a key role in giving us the confidence that the finished envelope will be appropriate.

Fašade testing has come along way since we published our first curtain wall standard more than 20 years ago, however it remains a subject which raises a lot of questions, particularly in terms of balance testing requirements with cost and programme. What is an appropriate level of performance? How do we ensure that what we test is representative? How do we ensure that the results from what we test are as transferable as possible? When things go wrong and the envelope leaks, how should we test to properly identify the causes and put them right? How do we ensure the safety of those people carrying out and witnesses testing, particularly when it is carried out overseas in countries where health and safety is not prioritised as it should be?

The day will start with our AGM and a short update on the work we are currently doing in order to provide guidance on fire and facades following the newly published regulations.

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