Energy Concerns

Designers traditionally employ a wide range of methods to ensure that the energy performance of a building will be acceptable. Various techniques are applied throughout the design process in an attempt to minimise heat loss and overheating, maximise the utilisation of solar energy, particularly natural light, and ensure occupant comfort. Adjustable facade devices give the designer the opportunity to optimise such concerns for variable climatic conditions by changing the characteristics of the facade.  These characteristics include:

However, lost in the desire to save energy is one of the prime considerations of the client, namely "will the people be comfortable". We spend 90 % of our time indoors, therefore design of indoor environment is very important. In addition, small increases in productivity can easily outweigh gains from reduced energy consumption. Thus the term energy efficiency is now preferred to energy conservation.  Energy efficiency implies meeting occupant requirements for comfort and productivity as well as reducing energy consumption. Energy efficient measures are therefore quite different to energy conservation measures which may adversely affect productivity and the needs of individual occupants.