Committees and groups

The activities of CWCT are overseen by a number of Groups.

The Board meets regularly and oversees the day-to-day running of the Centre. The Board comprises board members (registered as Company Directors) who have the final say on business decisons and Sponsors who participate in discussion of the Centre's activities. The Board is drawn from Sponsors and Members.

The Sponsors participate in the work of the Board to guide the work of CWCT.

The Technical Committee oversees the technical work at CWCT and sets the agenda for CWCT's technical work. It also acts as the final decision making body on CWCT's technical advice and other outputs. The Technical Committee meets quarterly.

The Education and Training Committee oversees all of the training activities of CWCT. It also meets quarterly.

Steering groups are formed on an ad hoc basis to oversee particular projects. These are listed in the projects pages.