Facade Health & Safety

Welcome to the new CWCT health and safety initiative.

The guidance contained in these pages is not intended to be prescriptive, neither is the information provided exhaustive. Instead, the guidance is intended to inform readers of certain health and safety concerns, so that they may be considered by designers and contractors. Where applicable, references to existing CWCT guidance is provided, together with other sources of relevant information.

We welcome your feedback on this initiative. It is intended that this will be regularly updated. If you have suggestions for topics that you think should be included, please email cwct@cwct.co.uk.

Comments are also invited on the specific topics included – please use the comments section at the end of each item. Due to the nature of the topic, if you would prefer your comment to be anonymous, please enter ‘anonymous’ in the name field. You are required to enter an email address, however this is not displayed on the website along with the comment. Alternatively, please email your comments to cwct@cwct.co.uk.

The views and opinions expressed within the comments are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of CWCT.

Do facade designers need to consider surface condensation and mould resistance?

Guidance on surface condensation and mould resistance.

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Do walls need to resist barrier loads where the wall does not separate areas at different levels?

Guidance on barrier loading requirements on facades.  Click for further details and to comment.

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Should outward opening windows be used in high rise buildings?

Consideration should be given to the safety of outward opening windows.  Click for further information.

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Are bonded brick slip cladding systems suitable for use on a façade?

Failures have occured where bonded brick slips have fallen from facades.  Click here for further guidance and to comment.

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When does a designer need to undertake a glass risk assessment for glazing?

Guidance on the need to carry out a glass risk assessment.  Click for further details and to comment.

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Do fixings connecting cladding and façades to structure require redundancy?

Guidance on redundancy of fixings.  Click for further details and to comment.

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