Sustainability Stories

A collection of short stories highlighting great work at the intersection of sustainability and facades. Our members’ stories curated by the CWCT. Members may submit a story by completing the form below and sending it to

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Collaboration is the (carbon) key

Deatils of how effective collaboration can help to reduce whole life carbon emissions.


The team optimised the façade, eliminated the need for air handling equipment for the majority of the building. 


Details of a new timber and aluminium unitised facade delivering a reduction in global warming potential.


Deatils of some of the actions taken to measure and offset carbon emissions.

Enhancing Biodiversity

Growing plants on building facades, also known as ‘living walls’, is one such way buildings can improve the biodiversity of the local area. #biodiversity

Designing out carbon

The team adopted a more a dynamic approach to minimising embodied carbon within their design decisions on the 5 Broadgate project. #lowcarbon

Monitoring emissions in fabrication

Dane Architectural have adopted a carbon emission monitoring platform to better understand their greenhouse emissions and focus their carbon reduction actions.  #lowcarbon

Challenge the Brief

Justification for the retention of the existing façade was a pivotal change in approach to the refurbishment scheme for 1 Finsbury Avenue.  #buildnothing

Reusing Components

Reusing façade components eliminates the carbon emissions associated with the manufacture of new materials. This is exemplified on the recent refurbishment of 1 Triton Square, London.  #buildless #circularity