Glass Forever: A Circular Economy Approach to Sustainability

Glass Forever: A Circular Economy Approach to Sustainability

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Saint-Gobain Glass stands as a reliable partner in the responsible reclamation and re-manufacturing of pre- and post-consumer glass cullet, transforming it into new high-performance glazing solutions.

Pre-consumer cullet, originating from glass sheet processing and products in transit to end customers, represents a prevalent form of glass waste at processing sites. In contrast, post-consumer cullet encompasses recycled glass from utilized items like commercial facades, home renovations, and interior glass in structures such as partition walls.

In 2023, KpH expressed a keen interest in joining the Glass Forever Programme, collaborating with Saint-Gobain Glass to implement proactive and practical recycling solutions, beginning at their London deconstruction sites. With a meticulous project management approach, KpH seamlessly partnered with the Saint-Gobain Glass Sustainability teams, establishing an efficient waste recycling model, which adeptly segregates recyclable glass from contaminants. This initiative aligns with the steadfast commitment to sustainability and resource reuse at KpH, complementing their social value initiatives. The incorporation of safe and efficient glass collection procedures marks a significant and successful stride in advancing sustainable practices.

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