Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower last month, focus is now turning to how the industry responds to the challenges ahead. This includes short term concerns such as ensuring that current buildings are safe, and longer term issues such as revisions to the Building Regulations.

An expert advisory panel has been created to provide independent advice to the Secretary of State on any immediate measures that may need to be put in place to make buildings safe for residents following the Grenfell Tower fire.


An industry response group has been formed consisting of the Construction Products Association (CPA), Build UK and the Construction Industry Council (CIC). The industry response group reports directly to the expert panel to ensure that the construction industry is adequately represented during this process. CWCT is part of a small group advising the CPA.


The current situation is uncertain and until such time as the Government publishes revised guidance will remain so. CWCT published Technical Note 98 in April 2017. This provides guidance on the requirements of the UK Building Regulations. The guidance within TN98 provides a conservative approach to compliance with Building Regulations, and remains valid.


If you have any comments on this subject, questions regarding materials and testing, concerns over the future direction of the Regulations and so on, please get in touch.
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