Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership/Sponsorship

Both Members and Sponsors enjoy the Members benefits listed below. 

Members: Sponsors:
  • Seek technical advice from CWCT.
  • Have access to the 'Cladding Forum', our password protected website.
  • Receive updates on technical, training, publications and certification work.
  • Have prior knowledge of the Centre's research and publications.
  • May sit on the Centre's steering groups for research and training projects as appropriate.
  • Receive discounts on courses,  publications, advice and testing.
  • Are listed on this website with a contact E-mail address and website link of desired.
  • May attend CWCT Board meetings.
  • Are listed on this website with links to their websites.
  • Are listed on publications as Sponsors.
  • May comment on any CWCT publications prior to publication.
  • Receive a copy of each publication free of charge.

Please note: we do not have any sponsor vacancies at present.