Reusing Components

Reusing Components

The Story

Reusing façade components eliminates the carbon emissions associated with the manufacture of new materials. This is exemplified on the recent refurbishment of 1 Triton Square, London.  

The team carefully dismantled and refurbished over 3,500m2 of façade panels. Cleaned, re-inspected, reinstated the outer unit, including glass and framing, of the double-skin façade was dismantled, cleaned, inspected and reinstalled.  

A key enabler was the access to good record information from the original as-built 1990’s design and the use of predominately dry-fixed connections within the façade system, which avoided the challenges associated with disassembling adhesive connections.  

To minimise emissions further a pop-up factory was setup in Essex to undertake the refurbishment and avoid excessive transportation.

#buildless #circularity

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Primary Contact

Matteo Lazzarotto (

Key Notes

  • The existing external skin was dismantled and reused as part of the refurbishment. 
  • The reused components reduced the demand for new components. 
  • Opportunity enabled by access to original as-built information.

The Team  

  • Client: British Land
  • Contractor: Lendlease
  • Façade Contractor: Gartner
  • Façade Consultant: Arup
Completed 2021
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