Technical Notes

Technical Notes

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Technical Notes have been written by CWCT and reviewed by experts in the field. They present an overview of each subject, provide guidance and give further sources of information.

These publications are intended for use only by appropriately qualified designers, specifiers and others (with relevant experience) in each case having regard to the particular circumstances and requirements of each case, and exercising professional judgement including the reasonable skill and care to be expected or a professional of the relevant discipline, in that context.

CWCT accepts no duty of care, obligation or liability, whatsoever, to its members or others, in relation to the use of these publications for any purpose.

Number Title
TN100 Methods of testing glass balustrades (in preparation)
TN99 Design of glazed barriers (10 pp)
TN98 Fire performance of facades - Guide to the requirements of UK Building Regulations (17 p) - supersedes TN73
TN97 Selection of access equipment for facade maintenance (5 pp)
TN96 Assessing cradle and suspended access equipment loads (11 pp)
TN95 Weathertightness of windows, doors, window assemblies and curtain walls (12 pp)
TN94 Shadow boxes (7 pp)
TN93 Building information modelling - Principles for building envelopes (10 pp)
TN92 Simplified method for assessing glazing in Class 2 roofs (3 pp)
TN91 Structural performance of systemised walls - bracket calculations (in preparation)
TN90 Structural performance of systemised walls - Bracket requirements and principles (10 pp) - supersedes TN28
TN89 Structural performance of systemised walls - Open profiles (8 pp)
TN88 Structural performance of systemised walls - Buckling and torsion (13 pp)
TN87 Structural performance of systemised walls - Closed profiles (17 pp)
TN86 Structural performance of systemised walls - Connections (10 pp)
TN85 Structural performance of systemised walls - Design charts and profile data (9 pp)
TN84 Structural performance of systemised walls - Introduction (9 pp)
TN83 Interfaces and joints - breathable seals (in preparation)
TN82 Interfaces and joints - sealant movement joints (in preparation)
TN81 Interfaces and joints - sealant materials (in preparation)
TN80 Interfaces and joints - thermal performance (in preparation)
TN79 Interfaces and joints - air permeability and water penetration resistance (in preparation)
TN78 Interfaces and joints - introduction (7pp)
TN77 Assessment and certification of rainscreen systems (4 pp)
TN76 Impact performance of building envelopes: method for impact testing cladding panels (6 pp) - supersedes TN52
TN75 Impact performance of building envelopes: guidance on specification (10 pp) - supersedes TN52
TN74 Ventilation (14 pp) - supersedes TN32
TN73 Fire performance of curtain walls and rainscreens - replaced by TN 98
TN72 External shading devices (14 pp)
TN71 Standards and performance classification of windows and doors (11 pp)
TN70 Thermal and moisture performance of cavities in building envelopes (6 pp)
TN69 Selection of glass to prevent falls from height (8 pp)
TN68 Overhead glazing (8 pp)
TN67 Safety and fragility of overhead glazing: testing and assessment (5 pp) - supersedes TN42
TN66 Safety and fragility of overhead glazing: guidance on specification (11 pp) - supersedes TN42
TN65 Thermal fracture of glass (6pp)
TN64 Gaskets (12 pp)
TN63 Glass breakage (10 pp)
TN62 Specification of insulating glass units (10 pp)
TN61 Glass types (9 pp)
TN60 Performance of externally rendered cladding systems (6 pp)
TN59 Introduction to externally rendered cladding systems (6 pp)
TN58 Repairs to glass (3 pp)
TN57 Cladding movement (7 pp)
TN56 Accommodation of structural movement (12 pp)
TN55 Movement accommodation in building envelopes (6 pp)
TN54 Self-cleaning glass (8 pp)
TN53 Method statements for the construction of building envelopes (11pp)
TN52 Impact performance of cladding (10 pp) - replaced by TN75 and TN76
TN51 Environmental control glasses (12 pp)
TN50 Solar gain and shading (16 pp)
TN49 U-value of curtain walls (5 pp)
TN48 U-values of windows (7 pp)
TN47 Overall building envelope U-values (9 pp)
TN46 Introduction to building energy transfer (10 pp)
TN45 Thermography and facades (9 pp)
TN44 Whole building air leakage tests (7 pp)
TN43 Film backed glass (6 pp)
TN42 Safety and fragility of glazed roofing - replaced by TN66/TN67
TN41 Site testing for watertightness (6 pp)
TN40 Sound environment behind a building envelope (5 pp)
TN39 Sound transmission through building envelopes (5 pp)
TN38 Acoustic performance of windows (7 pp)
TN37 Introduction to building envelope acoustics (8 pp)
TN36 Assessing the appearance of metals and finishes (6 pp)
TN35 Assessing the appearance of glass (14 pp)
TN34 Assessing the appearance of new curtain walling (4 pp)
TN33 Breather membranes and vapour control layers in walls (6 pp)
TN32 Ventilation (6 pp) - replaced by TN74
TN31 Pressure effects on insulated glazing units (6 pp)
TN30 Cladding of buildings subject to earthquakes (5 pp)
TN29 Design of curtain wall brackets (7 pp)
TN28 Performance requirements for curtain wall brackets - replaced by TN90
TN27 Structural design of stick curtain walling - sample calculations (8 pp)
TN26 Introduction to structural design of stick curtain walling (6 pp)
TN25 Selection of applied finishes for metal (7 pp)
TN24 Corrosion (7 pp)
TN23 Cladding metals 2 - non-ferrous metals (7 pp)
TN22 Cladding metals 1- ferrous metals (7 pp)
TN21 Tolerance, fit and appearance of cladding (8 pp)
TN20 Design of sealant joints (6 pp)
TN19 Selection and use of sealants ( (7 pp)
TN18 Gaskets - replaced by TN64
TN17 Weathertightness and drainage (7 pp)
TN16 Joints in the building envelope (7 pp)
TN15 Cladding types (7 pp)
TN14 Curtain wall types (7 pp)
TN13 Glass breakage (6 pp) - partially replaced by TN63
TN12 Specification of hermetically sealed glass units (7 pp) - replaced by TN62
TN11 Glass types (7 pp) - replaced by TN61
TN10 Superseded - replaced by  TN41
TN09 Testing pressures (4 pp)
TN08 Selection of windows - a checklist for specifiers (8 pp)
TN07 Threat resistant fenestration (9 pp)
TN06 Pressure-equalisation (9 pp)
TN05 Wind tunnel testing (4 pp)
TN04 Issues relating to wind loading on tall buildings (10 pp)
TN03 Wind loading on wall cladding and windows of low rise buildings (12 pp)
TN02 Introduction to wind loading on cladding (8 pp)
TN01 Representing air leakage through windows and glazed cladding systems (8 pp)