C203- Thermal and condensation performance (1/2-day)


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This course discusses various aspects of thermal performance and condensation risk of glazed systems in some detail, and identifies key British, European and CWCT standards and guides relevant to those issues.

The course has a significant engineering and physics content.

Target audience:

This course is intended for those with an interest in understanding thermal and condensation performance of glazed facades, and those who wish to specify thermal performance at an advanced level.

This course is focused on the thermal and condensation of glazed systems.  If you are more interested in the thermal and condensation performance of built-up walls, we recommend attending the built-up walls thermal course (C107).

Learning objectives:

  • Overview of building regulations requirements
  • How heat moves through a wall
  • Understand how window and curtain wall U-values are calculated, and factors affecting performance
  • Understand how glazing U-values are calculated, and factors affecting performance
  • Fundamentals of condensation


  • Assessment will be via a series of multiple-choice questions following the course,
  • The assessment is timed and must be passed in order to receive a CPD certificate for the course,
  • If the assessment is failed, one re-take will be permitted.


None, although C201 Introduction to contemporary cladding and façade systems is recommended.

Course availability: 

16 September - 13 October 2024

Lecture time:

1/2 day


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