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Standard and Guide to Good Practice for Curtain Walling 

Now the de facto U.K. Standard, part of the National Building Specification in the U.K. and used in over thirty other countries. The second edition of this Standard comprises three volumes: 

Standard for Curtain Walling 
Guide to Good Practice for Facades 
Test Methods for Curtain Walling 
The aim of these documents is to assist those who specify, design, manufacture or install curtain walling. They set performance criteria in a rational framework and provide a means for the consistent specification of curtain wall performance. 

'Standard for Curtain Walling' sets out a framework for the specification of a curtain wall, establishes specific requirements for its performance and defines the tests by which compliance with particular aspects of these requirements may be demonstrated. 

'Guide to Good Practice for Facades' gives advice on the choice of materials, components and finishes, as well as quality assurance, fabrication, transportation, storage and installation and maintenance.

Committee Status: Standard Published: 1996
ISBN: 1 874003 12 2
1 874003 14 9
1 874003 13 0
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 Standard for curtain walling: 
Introduction to curtain walling, Performance criteria,duction, Wind loads, Dead loads, Accommodation of movement, Noise, Air permeability, Water penetration resistanc, Wind resistance, Thermal properties, Condensation, Acoustic properties, Fire performance, Electrical continuity & earth bonding, Opening lights, Appearance, fit & position, Durability, Testing, Specifiers' checklist. 

Guide to good practice for facades: 
Materials and components, Finishes, Quality, Fabrication, Handling and storage, Installation, Maintenance. 

Test methods for curtain walling: 
Test apparatus, Calibration, Test specimen, Test methods