Ventilated rainscreen walls



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Standard and Guide to Good Practice for Walls with Ventilated Rainscreens 

This Standard comprises three volumes: 

Standard for Walls with Ventilated Rainscreens
Standard for Testing of Ventilated Rainscreens (draft for development)
Test Methods for Ventilated Rainscreens (draft for development)
Guide to good practice for facades
The aim of these documents is to assist those who specify, design, manufacture or install rainscreen facades.  They set performance criteria in a rational framework and provide a means for the consistent specification of rainscreen performance. 

Standard for Walls with Ventilated Rainscreens sets out a framework for the specification of a rainscreen and establishes specific requirements for its performance. 

Standard for Testing of Ventilated Rainscreens (draft for development) gives advice on the range of tests that are available to test the performance of the rainscreen wall.  The applicability of each test is described individually, giving the specifier the option to choose the relevant tests and appropriate size of test specimens. 

'Guide to Good Practice for Facades' gives advice on the choice of materials, components and finishes, as well as quality assurance, fabrication, transportation, storage and installation and maintenance. 

Committee Status: Standard Published: 1998
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Standard for walls with ventilated rainscreens 
Principal features of rainscreens, Terminology, Fixings, Fasteners, Wind loads, Cyclic loadin,; Dead load and live load, Accommodation of movement, Air permeability,  Cavity ventilation, Water penetration resistance, Thermal performance, Condensatio, Noise, Acoustic properties, Fire performance, Electrical continuity and earth bonding, Corrosion, Infestation, Specifiers checklist. 

Standard for testing of ventilated rainscreens
Scope of Testing, Specimen size and features, Air permeability tests,  Weathertightness tests, Wind loading, Fatigue loading, Testing of fixings. 

Test methods for ventilated rainscreens
Test specimen, Test apparatus, Calibration, Test methods. 

Guide to good practice for facades 
Materials and components, Finishes, Quality, Fabrication, Handling and storage, Installation, Maintenance.