Whole life perfomance


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The Whole-life performance of facades - Proceedings 

The proceedings of the National Conference 'Whole-life performance of facades' held in Bath 2001.  The proceedings comprise tenty three papers by leading facade specialists.  

The papers cover all aspects of glass in facades including: Materials, Structures and, Building physics

Editor: A Keiller
S Ledbetter
Status: Information Published: 2001
ISBN: 1 874003 91 2 Pages: 208 Cost: CWCT members Free 
Non-members £25 
  • Whole life costs - Setting the Scene The whole life cost forum Contingencies against repair - Auditing for durability 
  • Designing for maintenance and repair 
    • Planned maintenance and refurbishment - Options-based evaluation of  façade refurbishment alternatives 
    • The cleaning and maintenance factor
    • Planned inspection and maintenance 

  • Life cycle analysis of aluminium clad windows, 
  • Monitoring of advanced facades and environmental systems 
  • Energy rating systems 
  • Durability of finishes 
  • The durability of natural stone facades 
  • Durability of glazing and glazing units 
  • Verifying the thermal performance of facades 
  • Future of interactive facades 
  • To seal or not to seal 
  • Sealants - their impact on cost 
  • Anodized aluminium for facades 
  • Titanium - The Architectural Metal of Choice for the 21st Century 
  • Facades for housing with increased thermal performance 
  • Modelling the thermal Performance of Glazed Facades 
  • Performance comparison of two different curtain wall systems and thermal comfort 
  • Whole-life performance - will it really happen?