Chromate pretreatments for powder coating on architectural aluminium

A number of years ago, we published information regarding changes affecting the specification of powder coatings on architectural aluminium due to the likely phasing out of the use of chromate pretreatments and the withdrawal of BS 6496 and its replacement with BS EN 12206-1.

That information can be found here.

In the intervening years, there has been uncertainty regarding the date at which chromate pretreatments will be prohibited, and a number of appeals have been made to continue with its use.  The situation is made more complex by the UK leaving the EU in early 2020.  A recent ruling of the European Court has overturned the ban meaning that chromate pretreatments can remain in use in Europe.  The UK no longer recognises the European Court, and therefore this ruling does not apply in the UK.  As such, the ‘sunset date’ of 21 September 2024, the date that chromates were due to be banned in Europe, still applies in the UK, and therefore chromate pretreatment cannot be used in the UK after this date. 

The above information comes from a recent Qualicoat news item, which can be found here.

The above situation potentially means that whilst chromate pretreatments cannot be used in the UK, chromate pretreated aluminium that has been coated in Europe and elsewhere can be imported. 

We intend to provide further guidance on this as the situations becomes clearer.  If you have any information on this that may help us, please email us.

13 June 2024.

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