Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures UK (CROSS-UK)

Following an interesting and eye-opening presentation at our recent AGM from Neil Gibbins, Lead Fire Safety Consultant, CROSS, we are highlighting the important work that they do, and drawing attention to recent safety reports that relate to the façade/external wall.  These include:

In addition to Safety Reports, Safety Alerts are also issued which go into greater detail on a particular safety issue.  Recent Safety Alerts include:

It is vital that safety information is widely disseminated.  You are encouraged to register and sign up for newsletters and alerts – please visit CROSS account.

For further information, see the CROSS website,

As reported at the AGM, Health and safety is a current focus of the CWCT Board, and we are aiming to provide some initial guidance soon.  If there are particular topics that you would like us to cover in this guidance, please get in touch at

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