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Standard and Guide to Good Practice for Slope Glazing systems 

This Standard comprises three volumes: 

Standard for slope glazing systems 
Test methods for facades: Slope glazing systems 
Guide to good practice for facades
Standard for slope glazing systems sets out a framework for the specification of a slope glazing system, establishes specific requirements for its performance and defines the tests by which compliance with particular aspects of these requirements may be demonstrated. 

Test methods for facades: Slope glazing systems identifies two new tests - a test for the watertightness of unsealed slope glazing systems using static pressure with a wind generator, and a test for site testing of the watertightness of slope glazing systems using a spray bar. 

'Guide to Good Practice for Facades' gives advice on the choice of materials, components and finishes, as well as quality assurance, fabrication, transportation, storage and installation and maintenance. 

Committee Status: Standard Published: 1999
ISBN: 1 874003 56 4 Pages: 96/24/44 Cost:
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Standard for slope glazing systems 
Slope glazing system types, Performance in use, Terminology, Support structure and fixings, Glazing selection,  Wind Loads;  Dead load and live loads,  Accommodation of movement, Noise generation, Air permeability, Water penetration resistance, Load resistance, Thermal properties, Condensation, Acoustic properties, Fire performance, Access for cleaning and maintenance, Appearance, fit and position, Durability, Performance testing of specimens, Specifiers' checklist. 

Test methods for facades: Slope glazing systems 
Standard test apparatus, Test chamber, Calibration, Test specimen, Standard test methods. 

Guide to good practice for facades
Materials and components, Finishes, Quality, Fabrication, Handling and storage, Installation, Maintenance.