Intrusion resistant windows - PDF


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Windows with enhanced resistance to intrusion

This Standard is written in two parts. The first three sections comprise a standard for the performance and testing of glazing frames. The remaining five sections are a guide to good practice and make recommendations for design, glazing, selection fabrication and installation.  

The tests presented in the standard are intended to load windows in ways representative of the more common forms of manual attack. As such they allow reproducible and repeatable tests as a means of comparing the resistance of windows to intrusion. 

This remains the only standard that can be applied univesally to any style of window. The test forces are more realistic than those given in BS7950.  

Author: Committee
Status: Standard Published: 1994
ISBN: 1 874003 06 8 Pages: 51 Cost: CWCT members £20
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Methods of entry, Frame performance criteria, Significant openings, Secured and unsecured lights, Entry by manipulation, Glass removal, Levering of opening lights, Levering of fixed lights, Entry by impact, Testing, Test methods. 

Guide to good practice: 
Design, Glazing performance, Frame and glass selection,  Fabrication, Installation.