Guidance on the actions on non-loadbearing building envelopes- PDF


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Guidance on the actons on non-loadbearing building envelopes 

Information on the design of building envelopes to resist actions is diverse with the requirement appearing piecemeal in many codes and Standards. Actions are described in numerous Eurocodes and National Annexes but acceptable performnace is described in Product Standards, where they exist. Some forms of building envelope are not covered by product standards and recourse is made to project specification.   

The CWCT Standard for systemised building envelopes gives 'non-contradictory complementary advice' to support the use of European product standards such as EN 13830 'Product Standard for curtain walling' and assist the Specifier in setting appropriate levels of performnace. It is also the only guidance available for some types of envelope construction. 

This document brings together this wide range of guidance on actions to provide a single source of 'non-contradictory complementary information' on the loads acting on building envelopes.   

This document supplements the information given in EN 13830, EN 1990 and the Eurocode 1 series. It should be read in conjunction with these Standards and the UK National Annexes to them. 


Stephen Ledbetter
Alan Keiller
David Metcalfe
Status: Guidance Published: 2017
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