Selection and testing of stone - PDF


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Guide to the selection and testing of stone panels for external use 

This guide addresses the issues construction professionals are faced with when considering natural stone as an external cladding material. Specific guidance has been developed including a series of preliminary and production tests to ensure that the selected stone meets the required aesthetic, durability and strength requirements. 

The guide deals with stone panels that are thin in relation to their height and width.  It is particularly relevant if the durability of the stone is questionable because of adverse environmental conditions or lack of available data.  The guide does not cover the use of ultra thin stones incorporated in composite panels. 

Committee Status: Guidance Published: 1997
ISBN: 1 874003 09 2 Pages: 56 Cost: CWCT members £20 
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Stone selection, Lead times for stone selection, Selection process, Durability of stone, Testing for durability, Stregth of thin stone, Types of strength test, Dimensional stability, Testing methodology, Performance criteria, Preliminary tests, Panel tests, Production tests.