Glass in buildings 2


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Glass in buildings 2 - Proceedings 

The proceedings of the International Conference 'Glass in buildings 2' held in Bath 2005.  The proceedings comprise thirty-six papers by leading international facade specialists.  

The papers cover all aspects of glass in facades including: materials, structures and building physics.

Editor: A Keiller
S Ledbetter
M Wilkinson
Status: Information Published: 2005
ISBN: 1 874003 35 1 Pages: 360 Cost: CWCT members Free 
Non-members £25
  • 'Zappi' structures and constructions in
  • 'blob' architecture
  • Managing energy use daylight and glare with dynamic faces in highly glazed buildings
  • Glass in the building construction: beyond the transparency
  • The case for ventilated facades - latest developments to prevent solar overheating of highly glazed buildings
  • Plate buckling of structural glass panels
  • Structural behaviour of glass surface structures under compression loads
  • Fundamentals for climate responsive envelopes
  • The intelligent building envelope - concept and qualifications
  • Resistance of glass in contact with different materials
  • Fracture mechanics modelling and time-dependent reliability of structural glass elements
  • Structural behaviour of broken laminated safety glass
  • Broken laminated glass has a risk of falling down
  • Assessing the risks of using glazing at height
  • Suggestions for simplified redesign of a façade detail using TRIZ
  • Systems analysis of smart facades
  • Optimising intelligent facades using a genetic algorithm
  • Numerical and experimental investigations for point fixing of glass under in-plane loads
  • Glued joints in glass structures
  • Optimising connections in structural glass
  • Structural glass and façade engineering for the BBC Broadcasting House, London
  • Construction of all-glass structures with external glass frames
  • Acoustical performances of ventilated double glass facades
  • Double facades at high latitudes - some user experiences
  • Energy assessment of a double-skin glazed façade
  • Façade and building physics design of the EMPA office Zurich
  • Structural design of large glass doors
  • Glass canopy for the office centre of the DZ Bank in Berlin
  • Four seasons centre for the performing arts Toronto Glass staircase
  • Glass in buildings as a crime prevention strategy
  • International standards for blast resistant glazing
  • Bomb blast enhancements to the glazed facades
  • Glass façade elements with internal fluid flow
  • Modeling the thermal performance of advanced glazing systems in office buildings
  • Glass façade elements with internal fluid flow
  • Will the new Part L2 impose architectural restrictions for facades of modern offices to minimise energy consumption and maximise comfort?
  • Development of a reliable high-strength glass connection for an all-glass bridge
  • Plantation Place: an exemplar of the versatility of glass in 21st century architecture
  • Design and testing of pre-tensioned rod trusses
  • Employing the glazing for the stabilization of building envelopes