Glass in buildings


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Glass in buildings - Proceedings



The proceedings of the International Conference 'Facade design and procurement' held in Bath 2003.  The proceedings comprise tenty three papers by leading facade specialists. 

The papers cover all aspects design and procurement of building envelopes.

Editor: S Ledbetter
R Harris
Status: Information Published: 1999
ISBN: 1 874003 81 5 Pages: 280 Cost: CWCT members Free 
Non-members £25
  • A history of using glass in buildings and some thoughts about the future 
  • Structural glass and wind bracing structures - a new symbiosis 
  • Zappi and the quest for frameless glass structures for architecture 
  • Glass: the new structural engineering material 
  • BIPV Exhibition Pavilion - multi-functional use of glass 
  • Design for manufacture an example based on the Korean World Trade Centre 
  • The material and the ephemeral 
  • Glass cable-net entrance pavilion for GM global headquarters 
  • Hashalom suburban railway station, Tel Aviv - Glazed roof design 
  • Glass Visual defects and deformations 
  • The Enigmatic facade:  glass as a translucent design element 
  • Elegance in structural  glazing 
  • New developments in glass decoration 

  • The future of glass in buildings - an overview of advanced glazing technology 
  • The link between glazing and climate change 
  • Integrating spheres transmittance measurements on hollow glass blocks for building applications 
  • Daylight design for tropical facades 
  • Sundirecting glazing - a new development in daylighting for deep plan offices 
  • Design for noise transmission attenuation with glass and laminates 
  • Advanced acoustic glazing - the latest developments in sound and vision 
  • Enhancement of building design through fire resistant glazings 
  • Review of Window Energy Rating Systems and outline of a possible system for the UK 
  • Energy performance of curtain wall systems on high-tech office towers in Istanbul 
  • Variable shading co-efficients 
  • Establishing the value of advanced glazings 
  • Vacuum glazing:  design options and performance capability 
  • Fundamentals and design possibilities of building integrated photovoltaic facades 


  • The damage potential to cladding and glazing caused by flying debris in windstorms 
  • Bearing technology in glass 
  • Modern glazing in the refurbishment of the Royal Opera House 
  • Managing the interface between building and glass tension structures 
  • Barrier: to be or not to be 
  • Standardised interfaces for glass cladding systems 
  • Design of glazed trusses by buckling analysis 
  • The shape of things to come - mechanical connectors for glass in frameless glazed structures 
  • Bolted structural glass assemblies: Articulated bolts - more glass, less steel 
  • Quick design methods for glass adhesive beams in practice 
  • Structural performance of laminated building glass 
  • Overhead Glazing - a Designer's Checklist 
  • European Blast Resistant Glazing Standards - the shock tube and range tests compared 
  • Failure prediction - what is the true strength of glass?