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Use of advanced glazings 

This report looks at the advanced glazings available and the potential for their use in different countries and climates.  

The report is based a number of discussions held with potential users, manufacturers and researchers involved in the development of advanced glazing technologies in several countries, including the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA. The results of these discussions are presented along with a literature review and descriptions of the different advanced glazings. 

Glazings discussed include: Uncoated glasses, Coatings and films, Multiple-sheet glazings, TIMs, Directional glazings, Variable (chromogenic) glasses, Edge and frame details.  Competing technologies include: Photovoltaics, Light-pipes and shelves, Shutters, Blinds and Curtains. 

R Harris
S Ledbetter
Status: Guidance Published: 1997
ISBN: 1 874003 08 4 Pages: 113 Cost: CWCT members £60 
Non-members £80

Review of advanced glazings and technical performance criteria: 
Light and heat; Solar radiation; Air infiltration; Heat transfer; Light/infra-red/heat transfer; Performance Testing, Types of advanced glazings, Cost, Comfort, Design, Installation, Durability, Competing technologies. 

UK issues affecting the uptake of advanced glazing technologies: 
Domestic building, Commercial building, Public building, Light and climate. 

World-wide issues affecting the uptake of advanced glazing technologies: 
Climate, USA, Japan, Australia.