Performance of gaskets - PDF


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The performance of gaskets in window and cladding systems - a state of the art review - as PDF only 

This report remains the most authorative single document on glazing gaskets.  It covers all of the common gasket materials and all of the different gasket types. 

The report is a review of current issues and technology relating to the design and performance of gaskets in window and cladding systems. It is based on a review all aspects of gasket performance and use, including formal interviews and informal discussions with gasket producers and users. It includes a survey of existing literature and the results of a simple experimental study in to the mechanical behaviour of some typical gaskets.  

This report is relevant to anyone involved in the design and specification of joints and gaskets. 

R Harris Status: Information Published: 1996
ISBN: 1 874003 07 6 Pages: 110 Cost: CWCT members £10 
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Glossary, Joints and the physics of fluid flow, Properties of gasket materials, Properties of gaskets, Manufacture, Installation and replacement, Joint and gasket design, Performance requirements.