Thermally improved glazing frames - PDF


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Guide to the design of thermally improved glazing frames 

This guide presents the factors affecting U-values and condensation risk associated with different framing systems and glazing solutions.  It allows comparison of different framing materials including composite frames and shows the effect of different frame/glazing combinations. 

The guide is based on over 160 analyses showing temperature distribution within each frame, heat flow and U-value. 

The guide will be of use to anyone designing, or seeking to improve, profiles for use in glazing frames including curtain walling.

R Harris Status: Information Published: 1998
ISBN: 1 874003 16 5 Pages: 198 Cost: CWCT members £10
Non-members £25

Performance of glazing frames, Assessing heat transfer, Heat transfer and simulation methods, Frame type, Frame size, Glazing type, Window sills, Aluminium frames, Timber and timber/aluminium composite frames, PVC-U and PVC-U/aluminium frames, Steel frames, Warm edge technology, Curtain walling.